Last year, UNIS gave us one of the bigger surprises in video gaming with a return to arcade soccer/football. Fantasy Soccer was first shown at IAAPA 2018 and was released for arcades to grab this past March.

It’s been weeks in the making, but after hours and hours of recording, editing and splicing video clips, gifs and photos together, it’s time to talk about: graphics.

Why talk about graphics? Well, without them, we don’t have any “video” in our “video games.

After the initial online tease on Friday the 13th, today Stern Pinball officially revealed details on their next game, Elvira’s House of Horrors. The company rolled out the full details through an exclusive story on IGN this morning, then they also posted details on Facebook, Twitter and their own website.

As we tip-toe closer to November and the IAAPA 2019 trade show, we’re starting to get more details on games that will be popping up in arcades in 2020. Today, we’re going to look at one of those titles, something that was revealed earlier this year by the name of Ultra Moto VR.

[Thanks to Jdevy for the tip]

Note: This article discusses a game that has been seen on location test, which is the arcade phrase for “beta test.” The game may change significantly before it reaches production, or it may not be released at all.

Happy Friday the 13th readers. Seems to be a good day to release info on horror themed games, don’t you think?

Hot off their latest game release, Stern Pinball is not slowing down on product production.

Earlier this Summer, it was revealed that LAI Games had launched a new light-gun arcade game by the name of Outnumbered. I discussed it in a VLOG post, following up with a mention on a Newsbytes post a little later.

Apologies about the lack of posts on the site lately – there are a few stories “brewing” behind the scenes at the moment, but until all of the info is released, they are stories that just hang out in the draft setting.