Way back in January you might recall a story we ran about an up-and-coming independent developer by the name of Glitchbit and their first release: Tipsy Raccoons. The game has made appearances at arcade locations for testing as well as at a couple of trade shows in Vegas (one of which I was at but somehow missed them).

Today’s Newsbytes is sure to be interesting. Let’s get to it

Yes you read that headline right. Seventeen years after the first-person shooter Halo rocked the gaming world on the original Xbox, the popular IP is finally headed to arcades, courtesy of Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills.

With Pro models of Stern Pinball’s Iron Maiden already out and about on location, it was only a matter of time until the company pulled the curtain back on the Premium model of the game.

Happy Monday readers (if there is such a thing). We’ve got a quick piece of news to share with you today about the new Rampage arcade game.

As you might recall, Dave & Busters received a new age version of Rampage in March.

It was a quiet week on the site as I was busy, busy, busy working on a game conversion of a Need For Speed Underground to a Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers and troubleshooting that.

Doing an”unbox” of an arcade game is not exactly done with frequency but when the opportunity arises, I do try and film it. This week was a very rare event for me at the arcade – it’s the only week I can recall since I opened that two new products arrived.

I previously reported on a new redemption game made by ICE called Tomy Waterfuls Ring Toss, based off the water-based toy game from the 1970’s and 1980’s. This game is currently located at Dave & Busters Buffalo in the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, NY.

While the focus of the blog here is on arcade news and opinion, it’s not just about new releases and locations. The technology that can be adapted for out-of-home entertainment/amusement is just as interesting to note since our format of gaming can often make use of the new and/or the odd to create new gaming experiences with before the consumer side can.

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The arcade side of the business is a little bit different from what you find for home consoles and those differences lead to an alternative way of handling marketing. The basic layout of the biz goes like this: Developer > Manufacturer > Distributor > Arcade operator > player.