Just a quick post here, but it’s worth noting that Konami has released the latest version of their iconic DDR series in Japan, by the name of DDR A20.

The “20” part of the name is to indicate that this is celebrating 20 years of Dance Dance Revolution, further enhanced by the appearance of the golden game cabinet.

Last year, one big announcement came along from Bay Tek that turned some heads, as they created an Augmented Reality basketball arcade game by the name of Connect 4 Hoops. First shown at the International Bowl Expo, this huge game was the most played game of the event that I came across:

This past October, we ran a story about the development of Slither.io for arcades by Raw Thrills. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you can play it for free in your browser here; it’s an online multiplayer variation of the classic “Snake” game (which in itself came from a number of arcade titles in the pre-Space Invaders era of the 1970’s).

It’s been a busy week, especially for new arcade releases. As you’ll gather from today’s Newsbytes, there’s even more of that action going on, but we’ll cover some other quick pieces of news.

It’s not often that we have news about two new game releases for the West on the same day, but we’ll take it! In case you missed it, the other one is UNIS’ Fantasy Soccer and now for an indie arcade title, Black Emperor by Tomás Vicuña and BumbleBear Games.

Video arcade fans, we’ve got a new release for you to be on the look out for, as Universal Space (UNIS) has begun shipping their latest amusement title, Fantasy Soccer, to arcades in North America.

No, this is not a throwback nor time travel post from 1981. While the Atari name and brand is absent from actively manufacturing new games for the amusement market, the current IP holders (Atari SA) have been happy to license their classics out to developers interested in making use of them.

Friction. Killer Queen Arcade. Skycurser. Cosmotrons. Tipsy Raccoons. Rashlander. These are just a few of the indie titles that have found their way to coin-op arcades over the past several years.

How do you do, fellow kids? We’ve got some interesting items of arcade goodness to talk about for this weekend, so let’s hop to it:

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