As we find ourselves nice and comfy in the middle of the Summer, it’s time to take a look over in Japan as to what their arcade business has been up to lately.

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It’s been another slow news week so instead of holding this one over for NEwsbytes this weekend, we’ll just show it now.

The Atari Table PONG game has been covered on AH various times in the past, with units being produced by UNIS and made available through a number of official distributors.

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We know that Sega’s next installment of their popular House Of The Dead series is bound for arcades all over the world this year but exactly ‘when’ and ‘where’ have been burning questions for many fans.

Happy weekend fellow arcaders and gamers. Let’s dive into some extra news I’ve come across while scouring the interwebs:

Ted Dabney: An Oral History

Recall that a short time ago, Atari co-founder Ted Dabney passed away.

July is a busy month for arcade collector events and so let’s take this opportunity to highlight a few of them. If I am missing any, please let me know and they will be added to the ‘roster’.

Initially unveiled in May 2018, the surprise announcement of Raw Thrills’ biggest game cabinet to-date had no trouble in dominating headlines across the gaming sphere. Announced as a Dave & Busters timed exclusive for Summer 2018, that wasn’t exactly a precise release date like console gamers are accustomed to so interested players have been waiting with baited breath to find out when they can find this fresh Halo gaming experience.

Happy Independence Day American readers!

It has been a while since we’ve talked about a prototype/unreleased video arcade game. Granted, such news is always a bit random since it is not unlike archaeology – you can go for long periods of time without a discovery.

It’s a sorta holiday weekend, with the 4th of July happening in the middle of next week which makes things a little awkward. Either way, if you find yourself traveling, keep an eye out for an arcade! Here are your newsbytes for the weekend.