(Thanks to Michael L. for the tip)

Back in May of last year, we mentioned a very cool electromechanical Pong project. It received quite a bit of media attention, using an old but proven method of motors and magnets to move objects around on a top surface.

This Pong project in particular was quite the twist given the history of what the game did for video titles.

The Upgraded Atari Pong Coffee Table

Now the team that put this together is seeking funding through Indiegogo to be able to manufacture coffee table Pong units for home and coin-op play. They also have received a license from Atari, meaning that this can officially move forward without any legal problems.

Original video for the pong project, showing how some of the “magic” works:

They have also added other features including: “…a classic digital clock displayed on its top, usb ports mounted on the rack and the possibility of streaming music via Bluetooth.” An Atari branded rotary control is installed on each player side and they have also developed some different cabinet styles for buyers to choose from.

Atari Pong Coffee Table EM Game

Given that they are offering a coin-op version of this, I am curious to know how it might hold up in a commercial environment where people tend to be rougher with equipment than home models. If it is something that can withstand the rigors of such use, then this could be a quite the unique piece to enjoy on location.

What are your thoughts about this return of Pong?