Remember the announcement regarding the upcoming Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball? If not, then it was only a few weeks ago. Designed with an 80s aesthetic in theme, artwork and playfield design while sporting newer technologies, it is the latest “new retro” title to be aiming to show up in arcades and man caves out there.

Welcome to yet another Newsbytes post. Here I grab some quick news and headlines from the arcade/amusement world to share with you as you get into the weekend. Let’s start with:

Well this is certainly a weird way to break up the slow news cycle, with more legal news and the amusement business. Per usual, all suspects are innocent until proven otherwise.

Long-time readers of the site might recall several stories that we ran regarding the development of a new arcade fighter by the name of Dark Presence. The first of these ran in March 2008, with subsequent posts filling in additional details on gameplay and graphics.

It is August and in the arcade business, that generally means that Incredible Technologies begins to tease more details on their flagship product, Golden Tee. The series continues to enjoy major annual content updates, keeping the game fresh for venues out there that has a unit and a loyal Golden Tee fanbase.

Here at Arcade Heroes we like to track down arcade games to find out what happened to them if they are no longer on location, especially if its a game that is rarely seen or a particularly memorable game.

One challenge of operating an honest business is when dishonest ones come around, break the law and reinforce negative stereotypes about a certain industry. You might recall the arcade scene from Robocop 2…too often the perception that all arcades are like that lingers around the imaginations of city halls around the world.

With Sega’s new Daytona Championship USA on the market and available to play in arcades this Summer, there is a good chance that you have come across a unit or two.

Welcome to the last weekend of July. CAX and ReplayFX are in full swing so if you have the chance to attend, soak up every minute of it! Let’s end the month on some good news items with today’s Newsbytes:

As a “boutique” creator of pinball machines, Wisconsin-based Spooky Pinball LLC may not get all of the media attention that the big guys get. Fortunately, they are still busy making new concepts for locations to enjoy, albeit in more limited quantities than other pinball releases.