At least year’s Big Buck World Championships, a trailer was shown that showcased a major new update headed for the game come 2018. The trailer was not posted online and word about it has since been light – until today.

Early today, I headed over to the Adrenaline Amusements website to look up some information on another game and noticed a very interesting change – they are showcasing Tomb Raider Arcade.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone here by banding a couple of piece of pinball news together.

Spooky Pinball Launches Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle On March 26th

Shown off at the Texas Pinball Festival last week, Wisconsin-based pinball developer Spooky Pinball has announced the release of their latest title, Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle.

We only reported about the existence of a new Rampage arcade game in development by Adrenaline Amusements a few days ago. Where I was told that Dave & Busters locations would have it this week, the company has just put out a trailer that shows a couple of cumulative seconds of footage of the game in action.

Well today gets to be a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Newsbytes – although I couldn’t really find anything arcade & Irish related together (unless you want to count old games)…and green cabinets are not terribly common.

We’ve had a lot of big news items hit the wires this year, some of them coming from arcade chain Dave & Busters as they seek to differentiate their game offerings from the competition.

While we don’t have a ton of information to go off of on this one, we do have a couple of photos so perhaps someone out there will be able to provide a closer look or more information.

Step Revolution is an independent company that has been around the arcade market for quite a while, having various individuals who were a part of Roxor Games (2004, development of In The Groove) and later in creating ReRave, a touchscreen-based rhythm game.

Last week I got the chance to get some hands on time with Sega’s upcoming Transformers Shadows Rising arcade game and today, the company issued a press release with more photos and details.