We’re quickly approaching the biggest trade show event for the amusement/arcade industry (IAAPA 2017) and with that, news of upcoming products that we can expect to find at the show is beginning to trickle out.

Earlier this Summer, we were pointed to a location test by Raw Thrills of an Injustice: Gods Among Us arcade game. Built upon on the mobile version, this game has been designed to offer something akin to those Japanese card vending games that have occasionally tried to land on the North American market, but not to great success.

The annual Pinball Expo is happening tonight and as a part of it, American pinball manufacturer Jersey Jack Pinball has taken the opportunity to announce their newest game: Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean.

It’s time for another look at new locations that have opened their doors out there (or will be opening soon). Let’s start with…

10x Gameroom Opens In Pulaski,WI

We’ll start today’s location news with a venue that involves a major game manufacturer: Bay Tek Games.

While it took place a little later in the year than usual, the AAMA Gala is upon us and that means we get our first look at some of the arcade products that will be gracing the scene at the end of this year and throughout 2018.

The AAMA Gala has been taking place all week but today is where we hit product day. Tap That was already announced and now we have something unexpected from long time game maker Valley-Dynamo and newcomer (sort of) Gizmo Game Design.

Back at the Amusement Expo 2017 show in Dallas, TX, American game maker Barron Games showed off a new video piece that went by the name of Catch The Light Frenzy.

It’s October and apart from spooky characters prepping for Halloween fun at the end of the month, this also means that it is time for the next Big Buck World Championship.

It has been a while (over a year) since we heard about the next video game destined for the NeoGeo MVS, Kraut Buster. Designed by MVS experts NG: DEVTEAM in Germany, we first heard about this title at the beginning of 2015.

Darts are one of those games that has long been a staple for out-of-home entertainment that we haven’t really covered on the blog here. Kind of like billiards, it is rare to hear about new innovations in the space for coin-op dartboards.