Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do I need to invest in my new amusement machine business?

Time and profit is always a function of the number, type of machines, type of location and the distance between them.


.How many machines should I buy?

You can start with 1, 3, 5, 10 or even 100 machines.  You can always work your way to 50,100 or 300+ machines.  We recommend more than 3 machines on your first purchase.  We have helped many people become extremely profitable operators.  We have also seen hundreds of people become amusement machine operators and wean off their old job or career and say good-bye to the daily grind of working for others. 


Is it difficult to find locations to place my new amusement machines?

Not at all! We are in a unique business where, despite the economy, amusement machine operators are doing very well financially nationwide. Adults and children all over the country still love playing amusement machines today and have great fun playing them. We see grocery, convenient stores, and restaurant owners everywhere continue to happily welcome our amusement machine-partner opportunity to make extra income without investing any money of their own.


Law of Averages

It is important to realize that the more machines you have in operation, the higher the potential collection average for your route.